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Jakub Šlechta | March 21, 2021

America’s Top 10 Healthiest Cities

America’s Top 10 Healthiest Cities Where are the healthiest places to live in The United States? The Survivors Club has pulled together the Top 10 cities for surviving — residents in these areas have lower rates of obesity and heart disease. Those who live in these 10 cities are also thriving in their happy, low-stress lives. Is your city one of the The Survivors Club’s picks?

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, California sometimes known as “The Paris of the West” is not only chic — it’s super healthy! According to Prevention, San Francisco is America’s number one walking city. It has also ranked on the top of lists for running, cycling, most athletic and fit, and a sport city. Residents take advantage of the city’s large Golden Gate Park practicing tai chi, yoga, and capoeira on the grass. The eclectic cuisine San Francisco offers boasts an abundance of delicious vegetarian options. Also one of the most heart friendly cities, San Francisco has relatively low smoking rates.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. attracts millions of visitors to the nation’s capital each year many of whom walk around the National Mall. Besides walking the city, its healthy residents also take advantage of the fact that D.C. is one of America’s best running cities. It has also made the list for being heart-friendly and happy according to Gallup’s Well-Being Index, making it one of the healthiest cities in the US. The international cuisine environment offers many healthy and delicious restaurants with wonderful vegetarian options. Despite its reputation as a serious city, Washingtonians know how to have healthy fun.

Denver, CO

Denver, Colorado may offer more possibilities for the sports enthusiast than any other city in the country. The “Mile-High City” near thousands of square miles of wilderness offers outdoor fun. Just off the Rocky Mountains, Denver is one of America’s best climbing cities where residents climb peaks in the summer and ski down in the winter. Also one of the top walking and running cities in America, Denver has also been recognized as both being one of the most athletic and fittest. Despite its snowfall, the sun shines most days on Denver’s healthy population earning it a spot on the fittest and most health conscious lists.

San Jose, CA

San Jose, California is not only one of America’s cleanest cities it is also one of the happiest, according to Gallup’s Well-being Index, making it one of the healthiest cities in the US to raise a family. The city’s access to breathtaking nature through the city parks and nearby national parks like Yosemite, make the location perfect for active people. Ranked on the “Best Of” lists for being one of the cleanest cities, a best walking cities, and one of the fittest (thanks in part to being so cyclist friendly), San Jose is also recognized for its low smoking and crime rates. In addition, residents have the option to explore the California scenery of San Jose by foot or bike.

Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington is known as one of America’s most heart-friendly cities. It’s residents regularly use the wonderful waterfront park path both for cycling and running making it one of the healthiest cities in the US. The city’s access to Mt. Rainer for hiking and climbing makes it a unique metropolis. Seattle has ranked on the top lists for being family and vegetarian friendly making it a comfortable choice to raise a healthy family. Despite the reputation of its constant rain, the city has an active, healthy-conscious and athletic population.

Salt Lake City, UT

Although Salt Lake City, Utah is often overlooked when compared to the huge international metropolises across America, this number one heart friendly mid-sized metro, according to the American Heart Association, stands out as one of the nation’s healthiest. Residents enjoy progressive smoke-free legislation and an above average body mass index. Just minutes from the Wasatch National Forest and the Great Salt Lake, residents can easily access Utah’s beautiful wilderness perfect for mountain biking, hiking and water sports. Known for its low cardiac mortality, this top rock climbing and running city offers tons of outdoor activities for its energetic residents. Sacramento, CA Sacramento, California is both the state capital and one of its largest metro areas. Because it is considered one of America’s best walking cities, low commute times make it a healthy and low-stress U.S. city. Sacramento’s access to breathtaking city parks like Discovery and River Front Park offer residents great locations to be outdoors and get exercise. The city is also recognized as having some of the highest number of residents with health club memberships for those busier people on the go. Plus being close to Lake Tahoe and national forests, residents have plenty of nearby access to some of California’s most beautiful outdoor locations.

Austin, TX

Austin, Texas is home of one of America’s hottest music scenes, and also some of the country’s “hottest” residents. People in this Texas town enjoy reduced commute times and a relatively low crime rate. They also engage in the city’s easy access for running and walking. The city made the list of America’s top metro areas with the most athletic residents. Tourists and residents alike frequently enjoy the spicy flavors of the vegetarian options that are abundant in this central Texas city. This up-and-coming town, also ranked high for safety, attracts many from the younger generation who enthusiastically lace up their running shoes and enjoy the Texas sun.

Boston, MA

Boston’s twisting colonial roads disorient many drivers but the same streets offer endless exercise and entertainment for residents. Massachusetts’ capital is Prevention’s #2 walking city and one of the nation’s most athletic cities. Families comfortably enjoy Boston’s relatively low crime rate and the delicious vegetarian food options while out on the town. Home to the prestigious Boston Marathon, runners around the globe come to enjoy this running city. Boston is also one of the fittest and most heart friendly. Although the stresses of this New England city may be hard to balance, Boston fosters residents’ need to remain health conscious.

Orange County, CA

Orange County, CA is known for its sprawling beaches, never-ending sun and laid-back attitude. Perhaps, that is why Orange County made the top of the list for America’s least stressful cities. Locals enjoy healthy food much of which is grown locally in California, and an environment perfect for surfing and swimming. Halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles, residents also can take advantage of the healthy attractions in those nearby cities. Although traffic and lots of driving can be a negative, many residents just kick back and let the waves “wash off” their stress.

Alexander Smith is a staff writer for The Survivors Club. He lives in Portland and has previously worked with at-risk in Los Angeles.

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