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Pete | February 4, 2022

Satellite Beach, FL a time to rejuvenate

Time to rejuvenate

As a child, I’ve always felt connected to the ocean.  While the beauty it possesses both on the surface and below the waves seems to call me, I seem to make the effort to visit.  As an adult, I find the ocean to be therapeutic in nature as it resets my body and soul.  The ocean breeze brings rejuvenates my skin and lungs while the sounds calms my mind.  The touch of the sand awakens my senses, while the smell of the fresh ocean breeze provides a euphoric feeling. A recent visit to Satellite Beach, FL was a remarkable trip which fulfilled so many needs for me and my family. First, the sounds of the surf immediately lowered my heart rate and a sense of peace set in.  Secondly, watching my kids dig in the sand and run along the shoreline, I noticed immediately that the beach was filling their souls as well.  Despite their excitement, I took a moment to close my eyes and meditate.  Time seemed to not matter any more. I didn’t feel the need to check my phone or think about my work schedule for next week.   A remarkable time like this is certainly memorable.  Creating a map to capture these moments and to reflect back is something I love to do.  Back in my home office, I merely glace up at my newly created remarkable map and instantly takes me back to that joyous time of relaxation and rejuvenation.  I can almost smell the sea breeze and the sand between my toes.  If I listen closely, I can almost hear the laughter from my kids as they run up and down the shoreline chasing each other.

Recreating the moment

Creating a remarkable map a fun and intuitive way to create these special moments.  Whether it’s a memorable trip to the beach or a once in a lifetime trip, these remarkable maps are a great way to capture those moments while adding a bit of beauty to your home or office.